Slow load time, not responding, large database?



  • Jason Hanks

    *** Note ***

    Worked with the customer on a support ticket for this issue and it looks like this might have been related to the amount of deployment history that was being saved and caused the database file to grow much larger than normal.  Awaiting customer feedback to make sure this was resolved by reducing the cleanup setting in preferences.

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  • Espen Dykesteen

    I also have issues with GUI being very little responsive. It have been like this for ages. My  PDQ deploy DB is only 4MB! (have many deployments, little history)

    It just feels very sluggish to work with. 

    It also seems to get a little worse over time. Just restarting the application helps a bit for a while.

    But both Deploy and Inventory are extremely slow compared to all other software we are running.

    They are also running in a VM (ESXi 6 now).

    Currently win 2012R2 was just the same with win 2008R2.

    Have also tried to give a lot of CPU, memory and Video ram without it helping any.

    This is a dedicated VM that just runs AA. Every other program seems responsive (IE, device manager and so on). 

    I suspect Deploy and Inventory somehow is graphics intensive....?...

    Running Deploy and Inventory on a MS SQL server and creating a proper service serverside and separate consoles for the clients would probably help?...

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  • Colby Bouma


    Have you performed a database optimization? Preferences --> Database --> Optimize Database.

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  • Espen Dykesteen

    Multiple times Colby. 

    It does not matter. It just runs slow when it runs in a virtual environment. Always has. 

    I suspect it has to do with graphics/drawing.

    So I have really been looking forward to the release of a client/server console. 

    Installed version 13 Beta 4 today, and voila, it works perfect now. Suggesting the database never was the problem. 

    (The server runs on the same machine as always). Just installed the client on my local workstation. This is now a dream to work with compared to before.

    This was maybe not the point with the client/server feature, but it really helped me. So if you read this Jason Knellinger, I suggest you try the beta, or wait for the final release, and set up client/server.

    Point is to run the client on a decent computer that can handle some graphics.

    Thanx guys!.

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