Strange install package is successful but doesnt work.

We're trying to mass deploy PTC Creo View 3.0 to something like 100 users.


The install package from the PTC people is more or less an unpacked .iso file. At the root is a .vbs file that you're supposed to run to install. If you run this locally it works perfectly. There's no setting changes required during install, you basically just click NEXT a bunch of times till it's done.

However, when we try and launch it with PDQ Deploy, it copies to the user's machine, runs for about a minute, and states it's "Successful". The problem is that it doesn't actually work. There's no indication on the user's machine that it works. 

I thought that maybe something was wrong in the .VBS so i dug deep into the folder and found the .exe for the Creo View install. Turns out it needs more than just the .exe, but I can add the whole directory because everything is above it in the tree instead of below it in subfolders. 

What the heck is going on here?

I attached the package if that helps. Thanks in advance guys.



Creo View.xml


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  • Hi Austin,

    You mentioned when you ran this package locally that you had to click "Next" a few times to answer questions that popped up on different windows.  What silent parameters did you use when creating your deployment package in PDQ Deploy to make it so you didn't have those same windows looking for someone to click "Next"?  

  • The only parameter I added was /S


  • Hi Austin,

    A quick search online found the installation guide from the software vendor.  It looks like the silent installation is managed by an xml file that you create and call from the command line.

    PTC Creo 3.0 Installation and Administration Guide

  • Actually that's the guide to Creo 3.0. Not Creo View Lite 3.0. Doesnt apply to this situation. I was unable to find the install guide for Creo View Lite 3.0.

    After a lot of hardship, and dealing with PTC support, they were able to send me a single .exe file. 

    I pointed Deploy to the file, added a /S parameter and it installed perfectly. 

    Why must everything be so difficult. :-D




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