Active Directory Site Limitation?

Is there a way to limit the automatic collection reports to a specific AD site? My issue is this:

2 physical sites, seperated into AD sites. a PDQ inventory/Deploy box at each site. I have started using Auto-Deploy packages for Java/Flash, and attached it to the dynamic collection of "machines with old versions or non installed" for those packages. 

Problem is that sometimes  a machine in Site A will be sent a package from the PDQ in site B, going over the WAN. It sometimes works but mostly fails. I'd love to make it so Site A machines to go Site A PDQ, Site B to Site B. 

I hope I explained that correctly. I'm open to moving around or changing whatever is needed. 



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  • simple enough. Site A PDQ inventory machine should be set to only sync the AD OU with Site A computers.

    Site A will not deploy to site B, because it will only know about the computers in Site A.

  • The only issue could be if IP address's are being assigned to both sites with the same subnet. It may try deploying to a machine that has had its IP change via DHCP.

  • Makes sense. They are in different subnets, so thats no concern.


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