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add 3rd column for Excluded/"Conditions Not Met" for deployments

When deployments are being pushed out, there should be a column for Excluded/Conditions not met. This would leave the Failure column to show only true failures...



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  • There’s a reason no additional column has been considered, which I’ll get to, but in the meantime, you can certainly make viewing failures that are not conditions/exclusions easier by sorting the ‘Error’ column. Sorting in this fashion will allow you to see failures, but will group conditional not met and exclusions together rather than sorted by computer name.

    The absence of an ‘Excluded/Conditions not met’ column is by design, since a condition not met is an actual failure. It’s kind of binary, either a package installs (success) or it does not (failure), regardless of the reason for the failure. For instance, Admin Barbara is deploying the latest emergency Java update at all her schools. Barbara can’t shut down all the browsers during the day, so she deploys Java and makes it a condition to only run if no user is logged on. In this case, Teacher Jim is logged on and no Java update was attempted, meaning the Java update failed. Barbara sees the failure, does Retry Queue / Heartbeat magic and Teacher Jim gets the update pretty soon after logging off.