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Need help writing a query to find any Adobe reader version lower than 11.0

Can someone give me the quick rundown on constructing a query to group all computers running adobe reader 11.0 or lower?

Need to group them so I can then push Adobe reader dc to all of them.  Thanks !!




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  • Here’s one possibly way of doing that:

    1. Open Collection Library -> Applications -> PDF Apps -> PDF Readers -> Adobe Reader XI
    2. Copy and Paste the Adobe Reader XI Library (this will include the XI latest, not installed, and old) –please don’t paste this within the Collection Library tree else it might be deleted.
    3. Double-click the newly created (pasted) collection -> Adobe Reader XI (Old)
    4. In the second filter condition (Application | Version | Starts With | 11), change "Starts with" to "Version Not Higher Than". See the screen shots,


      THE NEW:

    You could also achieve the same result by removing the filter line, Application | Version | Starts With | 11, entirely, as this will result in the third filter condition being met, but won’t give you 11 AND lower, just lower than 11, but you could modify the Value accordingly.

  • That didnt quite work.  I still have Adobe Reader versions older than 11

  • Okay, try this.