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Flash player uninstall x64 or 32?

Hey Guys,  I am going to try out PDQ Deploy this weekend for the first time.  I am heading into a shop that was unmanaged for a long time.  I don't know how many machines are 64 bit or 32, and even if they are 64bit they could still run flash as 32 and or 64 bit if i am not mistaken.

My goal is to remove all flash versions,  and I know Adobe has two utilities,  one for 32 and one for 64bit.

is the best approach to "brute force" remove it as I don't know who has the 32 or 64 and just run both utilities??  It seems "dirty" but I can't figure out another option



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  • Hi Jared,

    If you're using PDQ Deploy Enterprise Trial, the Flash uninstaller comes bundled with Deploy. Look in Deploy -> Package Library -> Uninstalls. This uninstalls all the Flash.

  • Thank you, what threw me off was a guide that may be outdated now that was on the PDQ site. I found Adobe has a universal removal tool now :).

    Thanks again for the amazing tool!!
  • Thanks Jared. We've added a new link at the top of the article which points to updated info.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  • Shawn, I read the article, while true I think it is not only for personal use but push also, but I may be wrong. I was able to push it with the uninstall switch but I need to double check my sanity on this one :)
  • Hey guys,  I looked at it and I think your method for pushing is the old school way of doing it,  the new removal tool (one exe vs two for 32/64) will work.  See below and confirm with your in house testing.. Just wanted to give you a heads up

  • Unless I am not understanding correctly, there is only the single executable for both 32/64 bit Flash in our uninstallers. While there are two uninstallers, they do different things because Flash comes from two different vendors.

    One version of Flash comes from Adobe, obviously. And so does the one for 'All IE', but before it makes it into the wild Microsoft modifies the file to tailor it to IE. Microsoft then releases that version as a hotfix/patch within Windows.

    Both versions are architecture independent, as are the uninstallers.

    The base flavor of the uninstaller will remove previous versions of Flash IE with the exception of Windows 8, 8.1, 10 or Pepper Flash for Chrome. This is the uninstaller most people use.

    The alternate uninstall package is much more aggressive, wherein it kills the browsers, processes, runs the uninstaller then cleans up the registry.

    I hope that clarifies why there are two uninstallers. They aren't uninstallers for 32/64 dependent architectures, but different Flash deployments and environments.



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