Nested AutoDeploy Packages?

Currently since there is not option available to warn users that an update is taking place and stop them from using the computer. I have had to use my own custom package to do this. This works great with nested packages where I can deploy the warning/computer lockdown, then deploy the packages/updates, then deploy the warning/computer lockdown removal.


The problem comes with auto deployments, we cannot include auto deployments in nested packages. If we try instead to setup a schedule with all of the packaged, they dont all get deployed to the same computers at once. What ends up happening is that each package goes out one at a time, so for example it locks down all of my PC's before moving on to deploying a package to any of them. 



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  • Hi,

    Take a look at this other forum post for help with this question:

  • Yeah and I watched the entire video and it did not answer the question.... we are not talking about adding auto deploy packages to schedules, we are talking about adding them to nested packages.


    In the video they said to download a version of a package and add it to the nested package, and then redownload a new version and put it in the nested package manually when there is a new version.

  • If you click on a package in the Package Library and create an Auto Deploy schedule and call it Baseline for example.  Once you have your trigger and targets chosen and save that schedule, you can then edit and add any other Auto Deploy packages you'd like or go to the Package Library and add additional packages to the same Baseline schedule.

  • AGAIN, not talking about adding to SCHEDULE. I already have auto deploys setup with schedules and multiple packages. This does not work for what I need it to do.


    the question is about adding auto deploy packages into NESTED PACKAGE.

  • lets say I setup a schedule with the following packages.

    1 - lock down computer

    2 - install java

    3 - install flash

    4 - unlock computers.


    the way that the schedules work now all of my computers throught the entire building would lock up and not unlock until all of the computers reach package 4 and they would then all start unlocking.


    I need an auto deploy package added into a Nested Package, this is so that only the computer being deployed to would be effected by the computer lockdown and then it would be removed once that computer is finished installing all the packages.

  • the point is to have a nested package which if I use one of admini arsenal's packages the latest version will be pushed out at the time of deploy instead of requiring me to manually download and update my nested packages with current versions of your packages.


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