java + chrome problems.


i work for a school district and we use chrome for everything.

but because of the recent fight java and chrome had we have not 

updated java or chrome in months....

i have a java configuration and it works fine with java 7.75. beyond

that version we have problems with the sites using java and chrome...

we use chrome 41. beyond this version we have  problems. I have deployed

the user data for chrome to be more lax for java... this is the only way it seems to work together...

we don't have any problems now, but we would like to update software or i thinking we should

switch to Firefox...another problem everyone is use to chrome now... its gonna piss-off a lot of

users...but then again we always piss them off...

-thank you for any feed back.




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  • not really any way around it if you want to stay current, no more java...

    Check with your different sites that require it and see what their system requirements are and what they suggest you use.

    What I have done is install both Chrome and Firefox, some users prefer one over the other as their default. But then what I do is give all of my users shortcuts on their desktop to the sites/programs they need. If a site works best with firefox, I make the shortcut open the site in firefox. If the site works best with Chrome, the shortcut I provide launchs the site in chrome.

  • they have both.

    somethings firefox does not support for our district.

    chrome is the only one that supports all.


  • You mean   (chrome is the only one that used to supports all.)

    If you're looking for a way to get Java working in the latest chrome, its not gonna happen.

  • yup.


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