Pull copy failed

When deploying a package with a command line step, there is an error "Pull copy failed"

Even with packages from the package library, for example "Mozilla Firefox 42.0", when pull is the default action. This command line step contains no files, just a command. This command is executed properly when Push is the default action.

We are using PDQ deploy version Enterprise Mode



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  • I am experiencing this too. I was able to do 80 concurrent deployments on version 6, but now I've had to scale back to 16. It still happens occasionally, but not as often as it did when I had it at 80. 

  • While we did have some programmatic changes in the early release of PDQ Deploy 7 that affected certain File Copy steps in packages, it's best to handle each case individually by emailing support@adminarsenal.com so that we can take a look and try to identify the issue. 

    The next release should include a fix for the common errors that we were seeing but just so we're all on the same page as well, here is a link to a video on Push vs. Pull deployments to make sure you're using the right copy method for your environment.

    PDQ Deploy: Understanding Push and Pull Deployments


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