Deployment Notification Not Showing Computer Names In Email

Kind of an odd question.  I have PDQ Deploy set up to send a notification to me when a deployment is complete.  It used to show the names of the computers that the deployments were sent to but has stopped doing that.  I still get the notification, I just don't see what computers the deployment went to and whether it was successful or not.  The file attached to the file shows this information, just not in the email.

Any help is appreciated,

Bob Turner



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  • Hi Bob,

    Don't see a file attached but assume this started when you upgraded to Deploy 7.  There was a total redesign of the printing and reporting so you might have to take a look at what your settings are for those post deployment notifications.  We did a webcast when Deploy 7 was released that might help clarify the changes too.

    PDQ Deploy 7 - New Features (Printing and Reporting)

  • Glad I am not the only one that misses seeing the computer names in the email itself.  I've tried several different placeholders in the email setup, but have not found one that shows the computer name.   Is there a way to include it?  Is there a list of usable placeholders?



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