limited window of time for deployments...



  • Jason Hanks

    Hi Mmuni,

    If the deployment packages that you're pushing out don't interfere with the end user then by all means I'd push those out any time during that window.  For the software that does interfere like Java, I'd suggest using a heartbeat schedule to catch them when they first come on.  

    I'm not sure if your district would allow you to wake the machines after hours (or at the end of the day while they're still on) and then use a shutdown step or not but that may be another option.

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  • Michael Muni

    Yeah they don't want us to wake them.

    I have no problem pushing the packages during the day, I have a schedule set to run early in the morning and then a heartbeat to catch any that come on later on in the day. However I need to make sure they are not in the middle of a deploy at 4PM when the computers start to shut down.


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