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Possibility of multiple background services?

Hi team-

I have had a few customers as of late that have a few fully trusted domains where we have had the PDQ Deploy "Background Service" running under the credentials of the domain which the machine is joined. We then have 3x deployments, each with domain specific credentials which appears to work for 75-85% of the machines out there. We then have a handful of machine coming back as "Access Denied".

To resolve these "Access Denied" errors, we change the background service to credentials that of the other domains which we're trying to deploy to. Executing the same deployment for the other domains appears to work flawlessly after that. The issue we run into is that we cannot have concurrent deployments running under different background services.


Does anyone have thoughts as to another workaround or possible feature request to have multiple background services running under different credentials for multiple domain environments?



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  • You could use local accounts? Well, firstly, you'd have to create a local account using a batch file... "Backdoor", "Admin", etc will work. This way all machines have a consistent local account with the same password. (of course if it doesn't exist already). 

  • Another option would be to install PDQ Deploy on an additional console (or two) to allow for the concurrent deployments. You could also have a console for each domain to eliminate the need to change background service credentials.

  • That is our current workaround, when working with our customers we try to as much deployment from a single server if at all possible.

  • PDQ does allow you to setup multiple credentials.

    you could split up your schedules to target computers on a specific domain and use the credentials for that domain on the schedule settings. By making a separate schedule for each of your domains it would then use the correct credentials for each machine.

    Just right click the schedual, select duplicate, change the credentials to be be used, and then change the targeted machines to only the ones you want to target with the chosen credentials, Give the schedule a new name that includes the domain.

  • Yeah, where that does work for a good amount of machines, there seem to be still some machines where it doesn't like having the background credentials of another domain. Only when do we set the background credentials + deploy credentials as the same will the servers not get the Access Denied. 

    So until we're able to set the background credentials + deploy credentials per deployment or schedule, we're sticking with the workaround outlined but Brigg's above and using multiple machines, one for each domain.

    I couldn't tell you exactly the configuration as we go from customer to customer and the trusts and permissions are always a little different, but have seen this a few times where this has happened.