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Uninstall Something Terrible, Like Coupon Printer

This comes from one of our customers, Drew:

"I am trying to create a package to uninstall the Coupon Printer. The uninstall string seems to be different than others and looks like it might not be silent. This program has become a problem in our network."



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  • When Drew first brought this question to our Support team he was already on the right path to finding the answer. 

    The first step he did was scan one of the machines in question and find the uninstall string that the vendor provides in the registry and we pull in Inventory.


    Since this lacks any kind of Silent Parameters, he reached out and did some "Google-Fu" and we found out that the uninstall string just needed a forward slash and Capital S at the end.

    He tested this in Inventory by running it as a Remote Command against a machine and it worked beautifully.  


    He then took the command to PDQ Deploy and created a multi-step package for 32 and 64 bit machines and set the proper architecture for each step on the Conditions tab.


    Kudos to Drew for a job well done.


    *** Admin Arsenal has not tested this in our environment.  Test carefully in your own environment prior to sending this out widespread. ***