deploying to 150 computers queue feature

hi all,

im going to be deploying a nested package with 20 steps to about 150 computers

the nested package with the steps takes roughly an hour as i have messages and wait commands to warn the end users you have one hour to save before the computer upgrades software and shutsdown

it works perfectly (only tested on one pc) but i did have to up the timeout period to 99 minutes (gave it more just incase)

now when i deploy the nested package to the computers will it do them one at a time or will it connect/run them all at once





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  • Hi Rob,

    If you look in Preferences -> Performance you'll see the setting "Concurrent Targets per Deployment" which by default is set to 8.  If you'd like to deploy to more computers at once then you can up that number.  Keep in mind that the timeout for the deployment won't start until it actually connects to a machine so if computers 1-8 are deploying, then computer 9's timeout won't start until one of the other machines finishes and that one starts.


  • thank you Jason

    do you think its wise to change this to one so it does one computer at a time as i have set my timeout limit to 99 so if i set the concurrent to 2 it wont complete the second deployment, or up my timeout period to unlimited

  • Hi Rob,

    The timeout is per deployment so if it's already finishing for you in an hour, then the next deployment can start and so will the timer for timeout.  I would base the number of concurrent targets based on your bandwidth.

  • sorry when you say per deployment do you mean per deployed computer or for per deployed computers so for every computer in the deployment

    do i need to up the timeout period then as im doing it to 150 computers, atm the timeout is set to 99 and it takes roughly 1 hour to complete per computer

  • Per computer.  When the first 8 computers are running and doing the steps, you'll see the other computers in a queued state.  The 99 minutes (or less) only applies to the computers that are currently deploying once they start.

  • But surely if you say its going to set off 8 computers at a time then 99 min isnt long enough to do all 8 it will only manage 1 and fail while doing the 2nd one


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