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Clear schedule computer history after specified time

We would like to be able to specify a time to remove machines from computer history.  Our specific use case is new machines that receive a baseline of packages.  If the machine is re-imaged with an existing name it will not automatically receive the baseline packages as it already exists in the computer history for our baseline schedule.


If we could have an option for schedules to expire computer history after so many days it would be a big help.



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  • What I do is I set the package not to stop once it is successful. This way the history doesn't really matter.

    I then have the packages connected to dynamic collections, these collections only have computers in them when the software is needed. As soon as the packages is installed on the computer its inventory is scanned and it then falls out of the Dynamic Collection.


    I set it up this way because I like being able to set up my packages and collections once and then not have to do anything with it again. If I reimage a machine, as soon as it comes back online and is scanned by PDQ inventory, its placed into the Dynamic Collections for everything that it needs and the packages start deploying to it.

  • Hey MMuni, thanks for the comment.  In our environment we have a pretty strict no configuration changes window for production machines.

    So, I do have a similar setup as to what you are talking about with the dynamic collections but the triggers only happen overnight.  For new machine builds that haven't hit production yet we are free to do with them as we please, when we please.

    Therefore my problem arises if I have a tech re-image a machine and he is expecting to be able to use it that day those applications in the baseline won't flow to it until the overnight triggers detect it in the dynamic collections.Our 10 minute baseline trigger on new machines fixes this problem of the new machines being usable shortly after imaging while at the same time not touching our production systems during the day.

  • You could have your baseline copy a file to the computer and then set up a custom scan for that file. If the file is on the machine it has received the baseline deployment and will fall out of the baseline dynamic collection.

    Then if the machine is imaged again, the file will be missing and it will pop back into the collection.

  • Set the Baseline to heartbeat instead of scheduled at night and it should deploy to the machine fairly quickly.

  • | You could have your baseline copy a file to the computer and then set up a custom scan for that file.

    Yes! That is a great idea and what I am going to give a go. Thanks!