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I wish the reporting on deployments was more robust.  When I do a deployment across all of our departments I'd like a quick way to see the installs that were successful and ones that were not all in one place, not on a per-deployment basis.



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  • Hi David,

    While Deploy won't automatically do this for you, the functionality is there.  On the Deployments panel of a package, select as many different deployments that you'd like in your report and then click on the Reports button in the toolbar.  From there you can choose what kind of report will best suit your needs.



  • Those reports are ok, but they separate them on a per deployment basis.  Is there a way to run the reports that "merges" all this info to say "these are the computers that it installed on, and these are the computer that haven't installed yet".

  • Hi David,

    Not in PDQ Deploy but that functionality can be assembled in a report in PDQ Inventory. If you're simply looking to come up with a target list for Deploy of machines that still need the deployment you can do that with a Dynamic Collection based off of the criteria you're looking for.  

    In addition we've added an Enterprise feature to PDQ Inventory called Deployment details that will keep track of all deployments to that machine.





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