Deployment Reports: No option for contents in email rather than attachment?

I don't see specific mention of deployment report attachments in the update notes, but this was recently added, right? Before the last update, my post deployment report came in the body of the email. Now it comes as an attached file, with no option to choose to receive it in the body, as far as I can tell.

There are some notes about deployment report emails, but nothing specifically about the attachments. Am I just missing an option somewhere? Anyone know how to choose whether the report comes in the body of the email vs coming as an attachment?



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  • Hi Joe,

    With the tremendous changes that were made to the Report structure this option was not included in the first release of the new feature.  This is something that the developers are discussing for a future release.

  • Fair enough! I love your products, your support, and your community. You guys have made my job so much easier.

    Let it be known, though, that there are plenty of times when I schedule a deployment for off hours and would like to see, at a glance on my phone, if it went well or not.

    Thanks for all your hard work and thanks for the response!

  • This is in development and will come out in a future [soon] release.

  • It has been a year.  Did this feature ever make it in to the product?  We would also like this functionality for the reasons mentioned above, and to be able to do a quick search of report data via an email client.  If it's there already, how do I access it?

  • Here are the options in the latest release of Deploy

  • Ah, that's my fault.  I didn't realize this was a PDQ Deploy thread.  I am looking for a similar feature for PDQ Inventory's auto reports.  I'll open a separate thread if I can't find one.  Thanks for the quick response!


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