What uninstallation options are there for PDQ



  • Jason Hanks


    The uninstall of programs from PDQ Deploy is definitely possible but will take some research to find the right process or uninstall string if the programs support this.  

    Most (not all) vendors support this and provide an uninstall string that they add to the registry with the program install. 

    On the target machine open Regedit and navigate to:

    For 32 bit machines =


    For 64 bit machines =



    We pull this information and show it in PDQ Inventory when we scan a target machine (Pro or higher license).  That being said even if that information is populated in the registry it's not always correct or may be missing a silent parameter.  


    Here are some videos we've put together on using PDQ Inventory to silently uninstall software and help finding silent parameters.

    Silently Uninstall using PDQ Inventory (msi and exe)

    Google Fu: The Art of Finding Silent Parameters

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  • Jbilliau

    Ya, I got it to almost work. I'm trying to uninstall utorrent for example.  I put this in a batch file "%USERPROFILE\appdata\roaming\utorrent\utorrent.exe" /uninstall /s /q


    and it actually is about to work, but it instead pulls up windows 7 user account control first to proceed to the uninstallation.  This of course is a huge bottleneck as I don't want UAC to show up.

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