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Heartbeat deploy email notification

I often use the heartbeat schedule as a good way to get all computers updated.  The only problem with this is the first morning after setting up a new version you get a large amount of notification emails a few minutes apart with the results of only 1 or 2 computers each.  It might be good if there was an option somewhere in PDQ Deploy to queue up nofications into a single email after a configurable number of minutes.



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    We are currently in the process of developing something similar to this that will solve some of the headaches you are experiencing. Stay tuned!

  • +1 for this.  Brand new to PDQ and quickly found the pain involved with exactly what you described.

  • I've said in the past they need to make the Reporting in Deploy similar to the INventory capabilities. Inventory is much much much more flexible. 


    That being comfortable in SQL are you? You could always pull the relevant info out of SQLite and send your own email with Powershell :) Just use a script and a scheduled task on your console host.

  • I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE! (beta tester). Sorry, I love me some Hunger Games. Haha.