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Custom Reporting in PDQ Deploy


I'm looking to build out some custom reporting in PDQ Deploy, but the same functionality that exists inside of Inventory doesn't seem to exist inside of Deploy. 

Ultimately what I'd like to have is a weekly report of all deployment schedules that ran, their success rates, and details about the failures.

Is this something that I can do with the Inventory product already, or will this functionality be added to Deploy in the future?





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  • I'm also looking to create bespoke/custom reports from PDQ deployments. It doesn't exist from what I can see. And it's a shame that you posted this over a year ago and there have been no comments from the guys at PDQ and it's never been added.

    I would like to be able to select what fields are returned on a report query i.e. I want to only see the hostname, successful or failed deployment, and the error code returned.  

  • I just created an internal feature request ticket for this. I have no ETA on when it could happen.