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Education software packages

I have noticed from watching several webcasts there seems to be a lot of users in the educational field. It would be great to get some packages that revolve around education. I thought it may be a good idea to list and share freeware software that we all use in our districts. With budgets always being an issue, freeware has been nice to fall back on. Lets share some freeware programs that we find useful and have made packages for and who know maybe some of the programs that we list may be made into the PDQ Package Library!  


A few programs I have made packages for are as follows:

Scratch 2
Sketch up

Photo story 3 (outdated but still used)


P.S. Please try not to duplicate.




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  • I work for  a school district and none of the software I push out are freely distributed, there all paid software that the district pays to use. These type of software packages AA legaly cannot distribute.

  • My Apologies for not clarifying. I too have a lot of software that Is not freeware that I can not share either, but I was hoping this post may shed some light on new useful software that others may not be aware of. I will amend the OP.

  • Accellerated Reader/ STAR Reader - This software is more than 10 years old, the company no longer sells it as they have moved to online web based subscription model. The schools use this software as one of their main tools, yet they are not willing to pay the money for the newer web based subscription.

    ZoomText - for special needs students.

    MineCraftEDU - normal minecraft game that the kids all love to play, only the teacher hosts a local server and uses it for lessons.

    FAS SecureBowser - florida assessments testing software.

    TestNav - FCAT testing software.

    Console 8 / Gmetrix - Computer teacher uses for testing.

    ActivInspire - Promethean board software

    SmartBoard / Smart Notebook - Smartboard drivers/software


    Everything else is online web based websites like I-Ready, Imagine Learning, SuccessMaker...