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Peazip 5.9.1 problems

Is anyone else having a problem with Peazip 5.9.1 once deployed?
I had a client that I deployed this version to and upon opening Peazip it would display a pop-up warning about corrupt files if you continue.

I wound up uninstalling and re-deploying 5.8.1 and there are no issues.

It is very helpful to hold on to older packages by the way...




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  • Hi Christopher,

    We haven't run into this with Peazip or had any support tickets about this version.  Can you tell us more about the target machines that you're deploying to as far as O/S, 32 or 64 bit, was this a clean install, etc?  We'll try and replicate this in our lab environment as well.

  • These were Windows 7 Pro 64 bit systems.

    They had v5.8.1 on them prior to my pushing the 5.9.1 update.

    I wound up creating an uninstall package for Peazip and reinstalling 5.8.1 to get them operational. I have not received this issue with other clients but I have held off pushing 5.9.1


    They all have the same system at this one client but I did not use a master image on them. All are Dell XPS 13's of late 2013 vintage.

    Thank you,