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Has anyone done deploying VMware Tools using PDQ deploy ?

Has anyone done deploying VMware tools using PDQ deploy ?



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  • Yes.

    There are several ways to get the install files, I copied them from the VMware tools iso that gets mounted in a VM when doing a manual install.

    Then I have a one step PDQ deployment:

    • Install File: \\Server\Share\VMware\VMWare tools\setup64.exe  (or setup,exe for 32bit VMs)
    • Parameters: /s /v "/qn"
    • Additional Files: Include Entire Directory
    • Success Codes 0,1641,3010


    Using those parameters does it silently, without interrupting anything.

    But the VMWare Tools new drivers aren't utilized until the VM has rebooted.

  • To add to Grant's point, if the VM you are deploying the tools to is not mission critical, or you are deploying outside of work hours you could add a second step as a Reboot step to reboot the VM. That way the server loads back up with the new drivers ready to rock and roll for you. Just use that if it makes sense for your use-case. But, that's what I would do, sometime after-hours.

  • FYI, while GrantG's deployment works flawlessly, note that without setting the "/qn REBOOT=R" parameter, the outlined installation will force a reboot immediately after the installation completes. The parameters should read: /s /v "/qn REBOOT=R"

    Regardless, best practice would be to deploy this after hours, or during a scheduled maintenance period, to avoid service outages.