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Can PDQ Pro Deploy to Offsite Devices

I work in a school district and we are looking into getting pro but I am not sure if it will deploy packages to our laptops that will be outside of our network. Can someone clear that up for me? Thank you for your help in advance!



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  • When you say outside of your network, what are you referring too? Outside of your domain? Not able to be seen in DNS? Can you clarify a little bit your use case?

  • Correct, outside our domain when staff are at home for example. 

  • Do they bring their machines to the schools every now and then? I'm in education as well. We use an Enterprise license, but we have Faculty and Staff on a Heartbeat schedule. Since most of them are mobile and work from home and bring their laptops to campus at least a few times a week, that works out best for us. When they put the machine on the network, the heartbeat schedule deploys to them when it detects them via ping. So far it has been working flawlessly for us, and Fac/Staff machines are staying up to date without intervention!

  • During the school year they always leave their laptops in district so patching isnt a problem then. We are looking at them keeping their laptops over summer break. So I dont see a lot of them being in district during that time. 

  • Yes, that is going to be an issue for you then. Unless they are going to be using a VPN from home, then PDQ will talk to them, so long as your VPN is configured correctly. Do you have a test machine you could use? Get it setup, throw a VPN client on it and take it home with you and try to PDQ to it. That's my best suggestion.


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