Collection Showing PCs with Local Admin accounts?

Is there a way to configure a collection to display PCs with local Admin account, but exclude admin accounts named "administrator"



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  • I'm sure there's a FAQ for this but I use:

    ALL of the below:
    Computer > OSName > Does Not Contain > Server 
    Local Group > Name > Equals > Administrators
    Local Group Member > Name > Does Not match Expression > ^Administrator$|^Domain Admins$|etc.etc etc 

    Put the names you want to ignore between ^ $ and separate with a pipe |

    in case you have to deal with foreign machines, on a french machine it's administratuer and a Portuguese machine is administrador

  • I have tried this query, but it appears the "does not match expression" is not working for me.  I have the latest PDQ inventory.  I don't have a problem with the "matches expression", it works fine.

  • @James Simmons

    Interesting, I think you found a bug. I submitted an internal bug ticket for this.

  • Oops, never mind. I forgot that it isn't supposed to show servers :)

    @James Simmons

    Please post a screenshot of your Collection filters.


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