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PDQ Deploy Custom Tools

Is it possible to run Custom Tools from PDQ Deploy? This would be valuable when an error code is returned. I would love to be able to run remote control tools, or Sysinternals tools from the results screen in PDQ Deploy.





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  • Are you asking if there's a way to automatically launch a tool based on the error code returned from a deployment step?

  • Not according to error, I just want to be able to right click on it and use the custom tools from within PDQ Deploy like you can from PDQ Inventory. Would save time having to go back to PDQ Inventory and find the machine, or fire up Dameware and type it in.


    Right now if you click on a machine in the list in PDQ Deploy you get the option to Abort, if it's still running, or Redeploy, Print, or Select All. I want the Custom Tools option so I can remote to the computer, hopefully fix the issue and then redeploy.



  • Hey Timothy,


        That sounds like something you would need to request to AA via a Feature Request or similar, as currently, that exact feature is not available in PDQ Deploy.

    However, you can right-click a machine in PDQ Deploy and choose "Open in PDQ Inventory". I believe this is a Pro+ feature though, so it you wouldn't be able to do that with the "Free" license mode.

    I use the 'Open in PDQ Inventory' multiple times a day. It's great to switch back and forth between the two programs and you can even open multiple machines in PDQ Inventory and just cycle through them with the Back and Forward options at the top of the "Computer" window.

    Hope this helped!