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Version variable and update approvals

I wasn't sure whether to ask this for Inventory of Deploy, but here goes.

We use collections in Inventory for collecting clients with old versions of software. For example, Skype.

Application version lower than $(AppVerSkype)

There are schedules in Deploy to automatically deploy the latest version to these collections with the heartbeat option.

Now we also use a 3 day package update approval window. 

This causes the following when a new package is released:

  1. Skype package is updated, but not yet approved by us
  2. Version variable gets updated in Inventory
  3. Clients with the previous version are being placed in the 'Old' collection
  4. Deploy schedules kicks off, but is still deploying the previous version because the newest is not yet approved

While this behaviour makes sense, it's still rather annoying. I could alter the collections, adding some static version, or disregard the built-in variables and use my own. The problem is that this creates a lot of extra work that I want to avoid.

Anyone else have any idea how I would go about this?



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  • Hi Michel,

    On the Options tab of the Schedule you'll want to make sure to check the box to "Stop deploying to computers once they succeed."  This option will make it so that when a computer has received a successful deployment that it will note that package and target in the Computer History tab of that same schedule.  When the new package is automatically updated, the history of the previous package remains but it will allow the new package to deploy.  

    *** Note:  There is no way to add computers to the Computer History tab manually and each history is just for that particular schedule. ***


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