Upgrade Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application to

Has anyone used PDQ Deploy 8.1 to upgrade to the most recent Creative Cloud desktop application?  Adobe released a security update for the Creative Cloud Desktop Application last week and I learned that their Remote Update Manager application does not upgrade the desktop app itself. 8-(

I used the Creative Cloud Packager to create a package that ONLY has the desktop application and none of the other apps.  On a test VM that does NOT have an existing desktop application installed:

  1. I can install the desktop application with admin rights
  2. I can install the desktop application with user rights using the RunAs command
  3. I can install the desktop application using PDQ Deploy 8.1 with .exe and the .msi file

Now, if a prior version of the desktop application (v3.5.1.209) that I have is already installed PDQ Deploy is unable to successfully install the upgrade.  On the same test VM I can install with admin rights or with user rights using the RunAs command.  So why does PDQ Deploy fail?

.EXE returns an error 6 and .MSI file returns an error 1603.  Enabling verbose logging has not let me determine why the MSI fails, but if the install works outside of PDQ Deploy I am not sure what else I can do to troubleshoot other than behave like a child and tell users they cannot have any Adobe software because it is a royal pain to maintain.

Note:  The test VM with the prior version of the desktop application also has Photoshop CC installed.  Sadly, my packages for deploying these apps did not include a desktop only application so I am not testing 100% the same.  But again, I can install outside of PDQ Deploy...

Anti-virus was also uninstalled during early failures even though there were no log file entries to indicate it was blocking anything.  Anti-virus has been installed in the most recent rounds of tests as I triple checked everything.




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