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does PDQ Deploy v 9 not give itself 'log on as service' rights anymore?

We have used PDQ for years now, and never had a problem. our domain admin account was always able to deploy as the deploy user (being the domain admin accont).

But since this weeks patch Tuesday and us upgrading to PDQ deploy 9 it has started failing to deploy to new windows 10 pro machines. But we have never had an issue with this prior to this.

So we 'fixed' the new issue with adding 'log on as serivce' rights to our domain admin in the GPO as per

BUT "WHY" ??? Is this a recent MS patch Tuesday change on windows 10 pro, or a PDQ Deploy version 9 change?

We would much prefer being able to take the extra rights off the GPO again and simply depend on PDQ Deploy to keep assiging itself that right as and when needed, as it used to do for years.