Package library packages greyed out in trial

I signed up for a trial yesterday and was able to select all the packages to download and deploy. Today it is back to the pre trial state with only a few packages able to be selected. I've re entered the trial key to no avail and tried F5 as per another post.

Am I supposed to have access to all packages during the trial or is this normal behaviour?




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  • Trial is limited to I believe 3 packages.
    You really should just pony up and buy this stuff though. It's gonna save your life. Sell a kidney if you have too. Or your helpdesk guys. Have a lazy jr. Sysadmin sitting around? Sacrifices should be made to get this software!
  • Stephen is absolutely correct.  The trial is limited to 3 packages from the Pro or Enterprise level and you should still see all of the Free packages available.  In addition you should also still have access to all of the Enterprise features except for Enterprise sharing.  The products are really worth their weight in gold.  One Enterprise license is only $.73 cents a day.  At less than a $1.50 a day for both programs you can't match that value.

  • lol thanks guys. I am the helpdesk guy AND the Sysadmin! Doing the trial to show my boss how awesome it is (I'm in love, trying to get him to give me away for this marriage haha).

    When I enabled the trial I had all the packages so was able to deploy a couple of things and planned on running more tests the next day.

    I will continue on my mission to make my life easier with this!

  • Let me then give you some numbers you can use to help you (you really need this stuff)

    We have 600 machines that we actively patch. It would take on average my 4 helpdesk staff 30-40 hours of labor to thaw those machines if they are frozen and then patch everything and re-freeze.

    They are student works at minimum wage, but still 8x4 = 32 bucks an hour. 32X40 = 1280 dollars. Oh look, I just paid for both Inventory and Deploy in one round of patching. Instead of ~ 15k in labor costs for the year I'm doing it for a fraction. And it's all scheduled. Happens automagically and I just have to fix a stray failed machine every now and then.

    Now I don't know what you're environment looks like size-wise. But from a manpower perspective, I'm sure you have better things to do than patch Java every time Oracle realizes they suck at what they do.
  • Thanks Stephen

    We have approximately 60 PC's but it's also adobe updates etc plus deploying other software as well as office etc makes it seem like a no  brainer but being a local govt organisation we have to justify even the scratching of our behinds. I've sent your comments to my boss - I think he's sold already. He knows my workload!

  • Absolutely. Our new machine deployments are now 0 touch after initial image creation thanks to FoG, PDQ, and Powershell.

    You can really start to think outside the box with this software and do great things. I hope he pushes approval through for you!

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