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Installing app that lives inside %Appdata%

I'm trying to install the Bluejeans video desktop app for my end users, however I recently found out that the installation destination lives inside the logged in end users %appdata% folder.

How can i push these installations with PDQDeploy Enterprise Mode?





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  • Is the installer an EXE or MSI?

  • It is a .MSI installer.

  • By default PDQ uses the "ALLUSERS=1" parameter with MSIs. This should cause it to install for all users instead of just the deployment user.

  • yes, the ALLUSERS=1 is set, but when pushing the installation it fails, since the installer pushes the actually installation path to %appdata%\Local.

    Is there a way to push the instillation without using the default credentials that is associated with the PDQ Deploy?


  • I used Bluejeans for a while in a previous life. Still hate the parrot to this day.

    This will help:
  • @Stephen Valdinger - You sir, are da man! Much Thanks.

  • Anything to help my friend. I've been in your shoes, back before I knew what PDQ Deploy was and how much easier doing this COULD have been!


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