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Ask Toolbar and Bing Uninstall Packages

Can you provide a uninstall package for ask toolbar? A Bing toolbar uninstall package would be great too ;)




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  • No problem. Both of these Uninstalls have been added to the Installer Library.

    Most of the Uninstallers will need to be Pro mode. This is because most uninstall routines require multiple steps (a Pro Mode feature) and these steps almost always require commands to be executed (pro mode feature) as opposed to supplying an installation file such as setup.exe or an MSI file. See the image below. Note that there are two steps in this Installer. The first step kills running browsers (necessary to successfully remove the Ask Toolbar) and next step runs MsiExec.exe and passes the App ID to uninstall. Both of these steps are Commands (as opposed to Package) .


  • I downloaded these packages and they work great.  I copied the Kill Browsers step (taskkill /f /im iexplore.exe /im firefox.exe /im chrome.exe) and pasted it into another package I was creating.  I remoted in with Dameware to watch what happened on the users computer when I was testing and on my other screen watching the progress of the deployment.  The Kill Browsers step was there but I didn't have it checked to stop if it failed.  The browser never closed so I looked and on Win 7, IE9 the browser shows up in the task manager as iexplore.exe *32.  I tried changing the installer and still nothing happened.  Did this happen because I was using Dameware or is there something else I'm missing?  Thanks.