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  • Try the following to create a package to install Dell Client update: setup.exe /s /v /qn

  • I cant get it to install silently can anyone help ?

  • Sam, what error are you seeing? Will you post a screenshot of the package properties so that we can see the file you are calling and the parameters that have been entered.

  • Please see the attached file.

  • A couple of first thoughts. 

    1. Please add spaces between each forward slash (/s /v/ /qn)

    2. The error shown is stating that a file or files were not found during the install. Do you know if this installation has additional files besides the EXE that you are calling? If there are other files please check the "Include Entire Directory" checkbox. That will copy all install files in the same directory as the EXE. 

    Please let us know if this works for you.

  • I downloaded the package straight from dell's website which only contains a .exe

    I have also added the spaces but still failing on deployments yet I can see through PDQ Deploy the package does transfer across but it's giving me a returned error code of 10 ?

  • If it's showing that a file can't be found then there is a chance that antivirus protection is deleting the exe after it has been copied to the ADMIN$ share on the target. Do you have AV running? If so will you please allow writing to the ADMIN$ share. That's the location where PDQ Deploy will copy all install files before starting the installation.

  • I am running SEP Small Business Edition Symantec.Cloud however I have tried disabling the firewall and Endpoint Protection but still getting the same issue ? 

  • Hi Sam,

    According to Dell's website the silent parameter for this deployment is /s.  I tested this on one of our virtual machines here and it deployed in less than a minute.


  • What has worked well for me was to download the Systems-Management_Application_K82GG_WN32_2.1.0_A00.exe and extract the files. Then I made a folder in the PDQ repository (Dell update Client) and pointed to the DCU_Setup_2_1_0.exe.  Set the /s switch. This works well.  I have several versions of the DCU_Setup in the Dell update Client folder. I just point to the one that is needed for the Dell Model.  Its seems to work better that pointing to the plain Setup.exe.  Setting this up as a Nested package allows easily including it with a larger new system software package.