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  • Here are the two I use for iTunes deployment.  I've added some notes in the installers' notes field regarding installer options used as well as the "Parental Controls" registry key values used as well.  I'll also include the .mst files we use as well.  Hopefully someone finds these useful.

  • FYI as well, 

    You can download itunes from the main site, then (assuming you have winrar), right click the file and extract the package. 

    You will notice that a few MSI's will be extracted. 

    Using the PDQ deploy, you can create steps to install each MSI in alphabetical order. 

    I have 5 steps total for mine. 

  • We will be adding iTunes in version 2.1 of PDQ Deploy.

  • Added iTunes 11 with QuickTime 7.73 to the Package Library. You must be running PDQ Deploy 2.1 beta or later. Pro mode is required since there are multiple steps. We will add Standalone Quicktime and iTunes 11 this week. Apple Update is not installed with this package.

    We look forward to your feedback, especially during the beta of 2.1.

  • Is there a switch that can be added to either disable or automatically accept the license screen displayed when the newly installed/upgraded iTunes is started for the first time?