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Google Chrome Browser



the installer library is not actual, because there is still version 19 available, but Google is already on Version 21. A better idea would be, if you do a web lin from the library to the installer file. this is less work for you, !?



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  • Thanks, Andreas. We are still working out how many old versions to keep, how we should mark something as superceded, etc. Anyway, version 21 of Google Chrome has been added to the Installer Library. If you don't see it yet, just highlight your Installer Library and hit F5 to refresh. It may take a few seconds but the new version will show up.

  • the main problem is that the download url at google (to the msi file) changes every new version. AFAIK, there is no universal url to download the latest one.

  • Selfman,

    this is a general Problem. PDQ Deploy Pro need a option to implement in the installer option external http/ftp file links. PDQ Deploy Pro has already everything in the installer library, because the download option is doing already a download from a external file location. Everything like Proxy Settings and Proxy Credentials are already implement, only the ability in the normal installer option is missing. But i think this is not the right section to discuss about it, better would be the feature request section.