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IE8 & IE9

cannot resolve the .\ missing  issue when using IEAK. Trawled the net for answers but no luck.

would like a plain install and if required user can then modify the ins file to suit our enviroment.

need to get 79 PC up from IE7



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  • Why not just simply grab IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU.exe and add switches /quiet /norestart /update-no, reboot, force WSUS on the computers and voila. The othe customisation can be done via GPO.


  • thanks Selfman, did not think of that, will try it out

  • Hi Selfman

    IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU.exe \quiet \update-no \norestart .......did not work, failed on timeout , which is set for 2hours

    when run manually it extracts files, should they not be extracted 1st ?

    going to try and report back



  • You used the wrong switch not \ but /

  • In South Africa we have an afrikaans name for an idiot like me. Yup call me 'n doos.

    thank you Selfman,  it works fine, although only effective after a reboot so will run after hours and force reboot.




  • yes, reboot is necessary... its good to do over night... less stress

    P.S.> no worries... I am trained by my self to handle errors of subjects which reside between the keyboard and the chair ;-)


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