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We are preparing to give Dropbox accounts to many of our employees. It would be great to be able to push the Dropbox client out to all of my workstations.



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  • Are you currently having problems performing this? 

    or are you just making a request for the package library? 

    Reason i ask, not sure if you're in a hurry to get this deployed or not. Figured we could help if you're having issues deploying it now. 

  • I was wanting to see it added to the package library. That way I can push updates later on. I've been struggling to get it to install using PDQ Deploy. They have a /S silent switch which is silent but also fails to install Dropbox. PDQ Deploy reports it's completed successfully but it doesn't. There are also no errors or anything else for that matter recorded in the event log pertaining to the install. Any ideas?

  • Hi Curtis, 

    Since DropBox is user profile specific, there are quite a bit of steps to completing the install. 

    I've created documentation for you to do just that. 

    Please see the attached PDF documentation on how to do this. 

    This is what I do at my organization - I'm sure there are other ways to do this. 

    If you have any questions on any of the steps, let me know here, and I'll explain. :) 

    Good luck. :) 

  • TonsOFun, Thank you for your help. I now have Dropbox deployed. I would still like to see a proper deployment package in the PDQ Deploy library though.

  • We are getting ready to beta test version 2.3 of PDQ Deploy. This version will allow a deployment to run package steps as the "logged on user". Even though Dropbox requires administrator rights to install it appears that the users can just cancel out of the window asking for authentication and the install will proceed.

    If a computer has multiple users then multiple deployments may be needed (one for each user).

    Does this sound like something you'd like or does TonsOfFun's awesome suggestion work for you? We could, most likely, package up the steps he mentioned and not worry about the current logged on user.

    Looking for thoughts...


  • I have used TonsOfFun's method and it worked flawlessly. I have multiple users for most of my computers and it would make things very difficult to deploy it per logged on user for this situation. Thanks for asking!

  • :) 

    Glad you guys are benefiting from the method. 


    Just a side note. I've had users complain about the shortcut being on the desktop since my users are a bit... hmmm... neat. 

    After some deployments, i have gotten requests from users to delete the shortcut from the desktop. 

    Since "Users\Public\Desktop" cannot be modified by a regular user, I've had to map directly to delete the file. 

    I could probably create a deployment to do this, but wasn't worth my time gather workstation names just to delete a single shortcut. 

    Not a big deal, however, since you may be creating the package for this, it might be a good idea to instead place the Dropbox shortcut in the program menu instead of the desktop of all users or the profile depending on how the package is created. 



  • Shane/Other PDQ people,

    Curious if you took this any further or if you have more detailed data doing it with "logged on user". I would love to be able to deploy this as needed (usually to single user machines) and allow them to fire it up the first time without Admin rights and complete the install for themselves.

    I tried just using the current dropbox.exe /s using logged on user , the target machine popped up that it was trying to install as admin and that it might not work, continue or cancel. I tried both cancel first - nothing, then second deploy same thing and I said continue. It seems to have plowed through and installed as I would hope, but it needed the user intervention.

    So as I said was curious if any more had been done (though TonsOFun looks good, not sure if I want to deal with the desktop shortcut and such.

  • Dropbox finally offers a per machine installation. We have added Dropbox 3.8.8 to the library. Existing profiles (according to our internal testing) take the transition very well. If a user is logged on at the time of the deployment then PDQ Deploy will attempt to start Dropbox.

    Give it a go and let us know what you think.

  • We have an updated blog post and a new video tutorial on getting Dropbox installed: Hope that helps!