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DIVX Player

We use divx all the time for watching certain survelliance videos. I cannot find a way to silent install it.



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  • Phil, what is the exact name and version of the divx install file? I'd like to test it out but I need to be sure that I'm using the same file that you are using.

  • the way the install works is it runs a small exe and then downloads a current version attached is the exe you run

  • We've looked through the installer and it seems that DivX has not made a silent installation possible using conventional methods. A number of folks in the IT world have reported using AutoIT to script an installation. Another option would be to repackage the install into an MSI. 

    I did do the install on a test system to see if the downloaded updated version would be available in %LOCALAPPDATA% (like Java is) but the files placed there are all tmp files and there are dozens, if not hundreds of them. My vote is to repackage and deploy.

  • ok well thank you for trying. Can you suggest a MSI repacking program?

  • Some of our customers have reported using Advanced Installer. In order to do what you were looking for I think would require the Enterprise version.

  • You can also use the WinINSTALL LE


    There is an older but still working free version of the program. The tool was bought by Scallable. The 9.5 community version is still free


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