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Malwarebytes (Free Version)

Is it possible to have Malwarebytes free version made available through package library? It would be nice to update definitions every month or so for up-to-date scanning.



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    I am currently deploying the install exe with the parameters:  /SP- /SILENT /NOCANCEL

  • Great. That would make things a little easier.



  • Update - we are awaiting a reply from Malwarebytes on the ability to provide updates to their app. The challenge is that they don't have a free version for business, only for home users. Since 100% of our users are business, they need to be using the paid version. It's more difficult to host paid software (for obvious reasons). Still, if they are willing to allow updates to be hosted in our library we will do so, but only after we receive approval from the vendor. 

    In the future we will be providing what we currently term "non-media packages".  As the name suggests these would be PDQ Packages that contain the correct syntax for silent installs, but the users would need to provide the media. 

  • Shawn, did this concept of a non-media-package ever get a hold. Sounds like a brilliant idea?


  • Hi Urs, they did get a hold. My apologies for not providing an update to this thread. They will not allow us to host the paid version of Malwarebytes, and since the PDQ Deploy and the Package Library are designed for businesses, we are not able to host the free version of Malwarebytes. Use of the free version of Malwarebytes in a business setting is in violation of their EULA. 

  • Hi Shawn, Thanks for the quick reply. I was kind of expecting this for the malwarebytes package, sorry shoudl have been clearer.

    My question was more framed in a more general sense. Does PDQ library now allow light 'skeleton' or 'non media packages' as you termed them, to allow for the customer to provide the actual software but the installer with the silent switches etc is provided and updated by the PDQ library?

  • Urs, thanks for the reply. We have not yet implemented this. It's still an future option but we don't have it on our definite road map.