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Realtek HD audio

Win 732 + 64  drivers have glitches that do not work / detect headphones in the front panel.

Realtek drivers solve this but I cannot get a msi or silent install to deploy. used Appdeploy to create a msi runs ok but fails on error 2356 ( corrupt or missing cabinet file)  when run manually and a error 1603 with PDQ. I have logged this on AppDeploy forum.

If you cannot  is there any other method you can suggest as I need to roll out to about 80 pc's in 3 computer  labs at our school.


thanks guys



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  • Hi Larry,

    If you are using PDQ Deploy 2.3 then add the following to your parameters field of your MSI install.

    /log c:\realtek.log

    Go to the C:\ drive of the target and then submit the log file on this forum. If you are using PDQ Deploy 3.0 you can see the log file by clicking the Steps link (in the Computers window) and accessing the log file next to the 1603 error.

    We did find this blurb on the RealTek support forum which may make all of this pointless.

    • When installing, it may reply trying to install an older version of this software, but proceed with installation anyway. Due to this, unattended installation may not proceed without an user interaction.

  • easy after all just a /s for silent.

    Reason I did not pickup on this as tried /? / help to see what switches are available and format but gave no reply and just continued.

    Found this out from the installedshield website, which is what the Realtek audio uses to compile their installers. They have a whole range except the default help.