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  • We have SonicWALL as well.  We are currently on the free version so I'm trying to figure out how to setup an uninstall of the old version (required for upgrade) and an install for the new version.  Is there documentation somewhere I've just missed on how to do this?  Thanks.

    I'm hoping to go Pro soon so having these packages available at that time would be fabulous!

  • I did find this SonicWALL documentation that includes silent install information:

  • Thanks for posting that info, Bethany.

    This type of utility is definitely something that is better to build at your site. Because of the specific information that is needed when deploying VPN clients (such as applying specific policies, providing IP addresses, etc) having a general package in the Package Library doesn't really offer any benefit since every time it is imported it would have to be changed at each site.

    That being said, were you able to deploy it?

  • We have successfully set it up in PDQ Deploy to install the extracted MSI and add our own configuration file via msiexec in the command line.  It would still be nice to have the client update automatically, since that is separate from our custom config.