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Adobe Acrobat STD/PRO Update packages.

It looks like creating my own wouldn't be that difficult since it is an MSI. I can't easily move it between installs of deploy since the "Install File" location would need to be edited for each network and the actual file placed in the right location. I imagine other folks would love to push this update out at the same time as the reader update is performed. Any chance of making it happen for at least X & XI? I would love to see 9 Included if possible.



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  • You can use the $(Repository) variable which helps with those who need to share between consoles. 

    Here's an overview on using the variable

    We likely won't go back to the 9 level on the packages that we create, since we populate the Package Library based on demand. If you're still using the X version you can see a step-by-step overview on creating your own here. 

  • Thanks. That does make it slightly easier. It still isn't perfect since the package export is simply an XML file. It would be really nice to have a self contained export. I could be doing it wrong tho. Our plan is to buy for multiple techs so it would be really nice to have full packages.

  • I think it would be worth at least having a few Adobe standard/pro packages ready to go.

    I have a mixed mode environment where some are Std./Pro and some are reader only.

    Furthermore: I can't determine who has what without performing the inventory - I would like to push and upgrade depending on their license - not doing an inventory first.

  • I would really appreciate these packages for x and xi