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BlackBerry Link (Silent Install)

Would love to see a black berry link silent install package. Manually installing for each user takes a lot of time :(




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  • Gregory,

    Will you contact us via our support email? We just finished a package for BlackBerry Link for 10 OS. We aren't going to make it public yet. We'd like to have you test it out in your environment first if you are willing.

    Making this run silently takes some massaging but it can be done. There are some pre-requisite utilities that need to be installed and we have included all of them except for .NET 4. You can download that from the Package Library anyway.

    Send us an email and ask it to be sent to me, Shane.

  • Hi Shane,

    Email sent.

  • Any updates on this?

  • Hi Aaron,

    The BlackBerry Link package has been available for a while. Unfortunately it appears that BlackBerry is combining the old Link with BlackBerry Blend in a product called BlackBerry Desktop Software. Anyway, the download for the new BlackBerry software is available here. The silent parameter is /s. There are some customizations but they seem rather remedial. We may make this available in the Library but I need to do some more tests. We don't have a BlackBerry device for testing so I can only go so far.

    Try downloading the new file and deploy it. (once again the parameter is /s). If you do try it please let us know how it goes.

  • Hi Shane,

    I would be happy to help test :)

  • Job was successful, however it seems to have not installed :(

  • Thanks for giving it a go, Aaron.

    I've seen one successful and one unsuccessful. One issue is that this EXE bundles a lot of requisite software and drivers. There are also some pre-requisites and I am trying to find those out. The old Link package I broke out all of the pre-reqs and installed those in separate steps in the package. This new installation should have a way of extracting everything but I haven't been able to nail down how to do that yet. I will dig back into this a little later.