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  • Shane Corellian

    Hi Anne,

    The free version of CCleaner from Piriform is not allowed on corporate or commercial environments. They have business, network and professional editions of this product which are not free. I don't know if they will allow the free version for education, non-profit or government networks.

    Due to this restriction we haven't placed this product as part of our Package Library.

    If you want to silently deploy the free version you can pass the


    parameter. Note the S is upper case. I would, however, verify that you can run this in your environment. To download the slim version (without Ask toolbar or other bundled crap) you can visit It does take several days after a new release before Piriform provides a slim download.

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  • Eduardo Trevino Jr.

    you can leave it on one computer or server and share the ccleaner out.

    then use pdq to deploy not the installation but the use with silent switches.

    in batch file:

    START /wait \\[server]\[share]\"CCLEANER"\"CCleaner.exe" /auto /cleaner

    START /wait \\[server]\[share]\"CCLEANER"\"CCleaner.exe" /auto /registry

    as long as its on one computer and not installed on all.

    you can schedule this for every day or weekly.

    just update the ccleaner every now and then....

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