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WebEx browser plugin

WebEx has a few things that can be installed, their user tools installs a gadget like program that is just a shortcut to meet now and schedule page. What we really need is a way to silently install their browser plugin so our less technical users can simply click and play.



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  • I would also like to be able to deploy the WebEx client for our users, particularly as we don;t give them admin rights in many cases. This causes a problem as WebEx is frequently updating their plug-in.

  • This would also be very beneficial to our organization. Pushing the browser plugin would be great since our users don't have the permissions to do it themselves.



  • I use the switches /passive /norestart

    I will say though I really hate it installing that webex doc loader under printers... if anyone knows that...That would be Grrrrrrreaaaat!

  • Productivity Tools is the big one for me.

  • I'm assuming you're referring to this?:

     I haven't dug into silently installing Firefox extensions, but i have for Chrome, and there are some issues.

     1. You can silently install a Chrome plugin the first time, however, if the user ever disables or removes that plugin, that setting in saved in the user's chrome preference file located in:

    %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Preferences.(no file extension)

    Once that happens if you try to re-install the same extension, it won't appear in that user's browser unless you either manually edit the preferences file or delete it.

    If you choose to delete the preference file, then any extension ever installed for or by that user may automatically prompt to be enabled again.

     2. Once you silently install it, the only way I've found to enable it is by using Chrome GPO. If you don't enable it using Chrome GPO then it may prompt per user if that want to enable it.

     3. As for the specific to install the extension silently. Look at the detailed guide in the link below:

    4. If you want to remove the extension, simply delete the registry key mentioned in the guide:
    (64bit Version)

    (32bit Version)

  • The lack of an independently-installed Cisco WebEx Meetings plugin is still very inconvenient.  This is just as much an issue now as the OP comment three years ago.