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Not planned


I use PrimoPDF instead of CutePDF and many others because PrimoPDF does not require you to install GNU Ghostscript software. Ghostscript doesn't always install correctly or sometimes cannot be "found" by CutePDF. 



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  • This software would be very useful!!

  • I'm sorry, I thought we had mentioned this.

    According to the EULA for PrimoPDF only PrimoPDF Enterprise may be silently deployed.  As a result we won't be able to offer this in the Package Library.

    It does appear that the silent parameter that is needed is /S

    (note the uppercase S). 

    From section 4 of the EULA:

    DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTIONS. This license prohibits any form of automated installation of the free version of PrimoPDF using network deployment tools such as, but not limited to, Active Directory and System Center Configuration Manager (formerly Systems Management Server). A license of PrimoPDF Enterprise must be purchased in order to distribute PrimoPDF in this manner. Contact NITRO PDF for more information and pricing.