Lexmark Universal Printer driver install

I want to install Lexmark Universal Printer driver on all remote machines using PDQ deployment, can you help to build package for that?



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  • HI Mehmood,  I did a quick check on Lexmark's site and the install file does not have any listed method of silent installs. I did a quick run of the exe with the standard ? following and it just started extracting the files. A little research would need to be done on your side to see if Lexmark allows unattended installs with this product. It may not, in which case PDQ would not be able to install it. 


    The packages that we post in the Package Library are widely used. Other not as popular packages, while still free, would need to be researched and the packages created by each admin. 

  • Please check this link...might help you to setup.


    see below: 


    Im not sure exactly what you're asking but let me explain what im doing with the install..

    The following command only installs the driver itself. No printer device will be listed in the printer control panel. The reason for me installing all those drivers is that once they are loaded you don't have to have admin rights to change over to different drivers. To explain this further if you were to go to the properties of the printer device and selected the Advanced Tab in the Driver field the drop down will list all the drivers that were installed.

    (all one line) 
    start /wait rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /ia /m "Lexmark T632" /h "intel" /v "Windows 2000" /f c:\lexmark\drivers\win_2000\lmaag2da.inf

    Then you have to actually install the printer device to show up in the printer control panel.

    (all one line)
    start /wait rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /if /Z /b "Laser" /f c:\lexmark\drivers\win_2000\lmaag2da.inf /r "lpt1:" /m "Lexmark T632"

    As for loading actual printer settings which I believe is what you are asking for I haven't gone that far since we have too many different types of printers to set on a master image. Although i would like to know if it does work.. i might try that on the next reload but for now its time for me to go home... 


  • Hi Mehmood, feel free to try what the vendor is suggesting and let us know what you find. We are happy to give advice and suggestions but at the end of the day you'll need to do the legwork. 

    Thanks - Shawn

  • I will try definitely, will get back to you if help needed. BTW I gave my feedback to my Director, he will buy Pro or Enterprise version soon.





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