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Package Converter to SCCM

I would love to have a converter for packages to turn them into SCCM applications or packages... It would certainly help with OS/Software deployment in all one step.



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  • Couldn't agree more with Scott. It would be a great way to streamline some of the more painful steps of managing machines and would be great for those of us in SCCM environments.

    Is anyone aware of any projects out there to do something like this?

  • Hi John and Scott, we do not have any current plans to create a converter to make PDQ packages into SCCM. It could happen in the future but there there is nothing at this point for us to announce.

  • Shawn,

    Thanks for the update!

    Would trying to create something on my own violate your license agreement? Assuming we were licensed for something like PDQ Deploy Pro.



  • As long as you don't reverse compile our program you should be OK. We don't have API's that we have published so you wouldn't have a lot of access to the console. It would probably be tough to do but if you came up with something please let us know. If it works without compromising PDQ then you should be good to go. 

  • Shawn,Thanks for the reply and explanation. I agree that it would be a daunting task!



  • Just wanted to give my thumbs up for wanting this as a feature as well!