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  • Hi Claus, because snagit is a paid application we are not able to host it in our package library. You can however create your deployment package in PDQ Deploy just as you would for any app or patch. With snagit it's a little more involved (similar to using the Adobe Customization Wizard or the Office Customization Template). Techsmith has their own deployment wizard tool for snagit. We are planning on doing either a webcast or a video/blog on how to use their tool to deploy snagit to your organization. Hope to have that out in the coming week or two (fingers crossed). 

  • This request is almost a year old. I realize that this is a commercial and paid for product ... but I think commercial business users are your main customers. Without the master key the product installs in a demo mode anyway. At the very least you could help in at least looking at the deployment guide and commenting on using the Techsmith suggestion of using ORCA and MST file .... I mean will this even work with PDQ. Techsmith products have been around for many years and I don't see much out there from Admin Arsenal.

  • Hi Walter,

    We have licenses for SnagIt here and we have indeed pushed this out successfully and easily with PDQ Deploy.  The package does require you to create a transform file but the instructions on their site are great at explaining the different options.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I have a direction to move towards now. I did find the your mentioned link on Techsmith's site, however I was hoping to get around the ORCA install. I just needed a silent deploy with my master key installed. It is what it is.

  • As of version 11.4.3 there is no need to install ORCA.  They have a deployment tool (TechSmith_Deployment_Tool) that does most of what you need.  The only real problem is that it does not uninstall previous versions.  The previous versions uninstall requires a GUID which of course makes it a very tedious process if you don't already have all users on the same version.

    The other problem I have come across is after installing, the process involved to launch the exe file just hangs.  It gets the new application installed but will not launch the exe and it forces the others to wait in a Que which doesn't seem to ever start.

  • First you need the deployment tool for create an MST file. 

    Config your MST as you want. Do you need uninstall the previous version, you must config this site.
    This will generate an uninstaller.exe

    First: Stop SnagIT

    Uninstall Snagit:
    Set the parameter!

    Install the updated version with your MST file. 
    don't forget in command line to set your TRANSFORMS

    I set the default hotkey for capture in the registry.
    Key: SnagKey

    Run this key as user

    enjoy :)

  • Though this is an older post, I still found it to be the most helpful with creating a package to install Snagit 22. Credit to Yogii for getting me on the right track though with the install steps they provided. The one addition I have had to make is to add an installer for the WebView2 runtime that is required for these latest versions of Snagit. Here is my installer package:

    Step 1: Kill running Snagit services (identical to Yogii - no additional screenshot needed)

    Step 2: Install WebView2 Runtime

    Step 3: Uninstall previous versions of Snagit (same as Yogii - no additional screenshot needed)

    Step 4: Install Snagit 22 (different version of Snagit than Yogii but same step setup - no additional screenshot needed)

    I did not include a reg file to set default hotkey for Snagit but my users can decide and set if desired upon first launching Snagit

    Hope this is helpful,




    Edit: I should add that the scenarios I have tested successfully are:

    1) No previous versions of Snagit and no WebView2 installed on target PC (basically a fresh build)

    2) Previous version of Snagit installed and no WebView2

    3) Previous version of Snagit installed - or not installed, doesn't matter -  AND WebView2 (package appears to ignore any notice given of WebView2 already being installed)