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Not planned

BankID - Package library

BankID is a software that is used in Sweden (maybe other scandinavian countries aswell), it would be nice to have it in the Package library.

the MSI file is released here:

Taken from

BankID is the leading electronic identification in Sweden, based on the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technical standard. BankID has been developed by a number of large banks for use by members of the public, authorities and companies. The first BankID was issued in 2003. The BankID network includes Danske Bank,Ikano Bank, L�nsf�rs�kringar Bank, Nordea, SEB, SkandiabankenSparbankenSydSparbanken �resundSvenskaHandelsbanken, Swedbank and �landsbanken. 5 million people use BankID on a regular basis for a wide variety of private and public services.



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  • Hi Stefan, thanks for posting.

    We limit what we host in the package library to very common applications that have a global reach. You of course are not limited to what we host in the library. You can create your own deployments for almost any app that can be silently installed, which is handy for those apps that we do not host, like BankID.

  • Stefan, I have a PowerShell script that download the latest version and saves it in a shared folder and then e-mail me. I then have a target list with all the users (from a dynamic collection in PDQ Inventory) that are using the old version. I only have to update the deployment with a new MSI and then it deploys too the users.

  • Hi Andreas, could you share that script with me?

  • Hi Stefan, sorry for late answer. You might have a solution but I post my script and how I deploy it. I have the script on a schedule .

  • Thanks/Tack Andreas!